I want to change the way actors are taught. Auditioning has changed. Now there are CD workshops and many agents are doing showcases. I have worked with over 400 actors and the fact is not one has known how to audition. NOT ONE… that is a tragedy as far as I am concerned. This applies to someone coming off a series to an actor who has been in class for 3 years to someone who just got to LA.

I believe in class- I am classically trained, however, actors are spending time money and years learning Meisner, Adler, scene study, etc, etc. While technique is incredibly worthwhile the audition goes against almost everything we learn as actors. THE AUDITION is an art form in and of itself. I have had huge success training my clients how to be a great actor through the audition and the majority of them are working actors. The testimonials on my site say it all.  Actors who want to work in film and TV must learn the audition FIRST. That is my philosophy and it goes against all the big name coaches out there. I don’t believe in keeping actors in class– my goal is to get them out of it and on set because ultimately that is the best place to learn. The audition is the gate through which we must pass. 

I am lucky enough to have The Paul Kohner agency representing me and they understand I only want to work a few times a year. I will continue to audition so I that I teach what is current. I am not trying to be an actor,  I am one…. it just happens to be that my true passion is coaching and changing lives.