For Prospective Students

“Sara has not only changed my career, but my life. Simply put, working with her is a complete game-changer. I’ve trained at a lot of great places with flashy names and reputations, but Sara is at a completely different level. Prior to working with her, I felt stuck in my auditions, and began to lose confidence in my career trajectory. After working with her for 6 weeks, the number of TV credits I had quadrupled. Including 2 recurring roles on major TV shows. I used to get audition notices and pray that the breakdown would reflect something I felt I could do, or was close to 100% me. And obviously for the 90% of auditions that weren’t an exact match for me, I would be terrified and try everything to “become” the character. I got good feedback in auditions, even got pinned quite a few times, but didn’t book. And most importantly, I knew that I was not working up to my potential and being the great actor I knew was inside of me. And that killed my confidence. After my sessions with Sara, I always feel like I’ve tapped into my fullest potential as an actor, and I can’t wait to get to the audition! And in this town that is at times negative, competitive, and shallow, Sara has helped me become comfortable in my own skin inside and outside of the audition room.” –┬áBrian Chin