ONGoing Class

$245 Monday Evenings 7-10pm or Wednesday Mornings 11-2pm

Audition heavy focus with deep emotional stretches and Mornell Method exercises that immediately help actors with their approach to sides, in audition rooms, and on set.  This class is a weekly workout with a different focus each week. Actors will receive in depth personal feedback and experience a significant change instantly, not only in their own work, but also learn from witnessing the growth in their classmates as well. The commitment of the group and dynamic is crucial so Sara doesn't put anyone in class until she feels certain of their skill level, experience, and work ethic. Classes are limited to 10 actors, and only open to those who have taken Sara's Audition Intensive. For more information email the studio:



Monthly Master Class at the Good Acting Studio

July 20th 6pm-9pm

Sara Mornell is revolutionizing the way actors are being trained. This month's class is focused on the art of the co-star audition. Each month has a different focus, registration is per class, and can be done here:

Acting Class for girls Ages 11-16

$425 12pm-2:30pm 

7/17, 7/24, 7/31

For currently auditioning and represented actresses only


Thursday Night Focus Class

$50 Return Dates TBA 
A Thursday night class, where the "theme" is sent out each Monday and actors can chose to sign up for a spot that week based upon interest in said theme. For example: Previous classes have covered co-stars; How to breakdown what each type is, and what you as the individual can do to either bring yourself or just "say the line". These are some of the harder auditions for actors but there is a way to have a personal approach that will result in booking. Actors will bring in 2-3 recent (in the past year) 1 page co-star sides to work on. Sara will also provide a few as challenges at the end of the night time permitting. Limited to 12 actors $50.

For more information email the studio: